How to give users ability to disable wireless on IGEL OS?

Hi, I am pushing 2 wireless configurations (one profile) to laptops (OS11). I like to give the option to disable wireless. But I can’t find this option (disconnect or disable wifi). Any ideas how I can fix this?

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You mean manually? Or automatically if network cable is connected?

The Wifi manager may help:

Network=>Interfaces=>WLAN=>Check Wifi Manager

I mean manually. But the ssid’s I pushed I cannot disconnect through the manager

Can you share a few Screenshots of this behaviour? What do you mean by disabling or disconnecting wifi exactly? switching between SSIDs, disabling the whole Wifi adapter or disconnecting from a given SSID?

I want to disconnect from ZM-wifi.

Can you see the picture?

I might have a lack of imagination maybe but why do you want to disconnect from the wifi ZM-Wifi? Is it meant for switching to another wifi network (pushed by profile or not)? That should work by double clicking on the other network (or press the play button after selecting the SSID).

🙂. At some locations the WiFi (in this case ZM-wifi) quality is bad. Every notebook has a 4G datacard. If the quality is bad, we want to be able to disconnect from WiFi so the datacard takes over.

Ok, got it. Let me check!

Ooook, created a profile to switch off and on the Wifi Adapter by:

1) Icons in the startmenu


2) CTRL ALT D Hotkey for Disabling Wifi CTRL ALT E for enabling

I tested it on OS11, but should work on OS10

It is working like a charm! Thanks!

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