How to have IGEL OS autoconnect to a VM on Horizon?


We updated to latest Igel OS 11.08 440 but we noticed that when user login into Horizon Client Session they are not anymore autoconnected to their VM. They have to manually click their VM name again in order to login.

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Is that normal? We double checked the Horizon Client settings and we can see that Autoconnect is enabled.

Thanks in advance

It’s Horizon’s new policy: When you give a domain name like mydom.local, newer Horizon installations open this extra dialog instead doing the autoconnect. The domain name should rather be mydom or mydomlocal (without the dot).

Or you leave the domain empty and combine username and domain:

username@mydom.local or mydomusername

I see. Thanks for the information. Let me try that.

It’s still the same for us. We left the domain empty.

Will take some screenshots of our settings

Or are there more settings?

You are showing OS12 Screenshots.

But we are still talking about 11.08 440 containing the 2306 Client, or?

Because only in 2306 we indeed have more settings which where newly introduced by VMware.

We are using OS11. Not OS12

11.08.440 for IGEL OS 11. Our thin clients are IGEL OS 11. And our View is 7.13.3

There are this new setting regarding connect to desktop or app:

From the release notes:

| Parameter | `Auto-connect to remote desktop or published app in case there’s only one of them` |

| Registry | `vmware.view.single-auto-connect` |

| Type | bool |

| Value | enabled / disabled (default) |

| Parameter | `Automatically connect to the desktop if there is only one or connect to the one which name is given` |

| Registry | `` |

| Type | bool |

| Value | enabled / disabled (default) |

If that doesn’t help the you have to specify the Desktop name

Okey. Thanks. Will do more tests tomorrow.

Hi David,

we see the same behavior with firmware 440. With firmware 360 the autoconnect – if only one desktop is offerd – works. Do you have a solution right now?


No solution yet from my side. Still playing around with regedit

Our user all have one desktop

Ok, I will test further on monday. The registry info above looks good.


I made the following registry setting:

I enabled: `vmware.view.single-auto-connect`

That solved the problem for me .

Maybe you have to define that the profile is based on IGEL OS 11.08.440.01 .

Amazing that worked for us too!

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