How to hude the bar in full-screen kiosk mode using FireFox in IGEL?

Guys, must be simple but I can’t find it anymore. I made multiple full-screen kiosk mode profiles the same way as now but in this profile I cant loose the bar in Firefox as in the picture. Who gives me a push in the right way?

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UMS -> right click on working, similar profile, compare profile settings -> choose “non working” profile

look for differences ?

I know but the other profile is at a customers location where I am not

These settings I used in one of my other profiles. I think this is not where the “error’ is

Might it be you try these settings for OS11? Because there you only have these in Browser Global.

This is a OS10 with latest firmware.

Basically it should work if you start this session (Camera).

Do you have multiple browser sesions? Because then when you start the Camera session while another session is already running, it is opened using the existing sessions settings.

No, only one browser session. Only the “camera” session

I checked the registry settings also but I don’t see what I am missing. I should work in OS 10 I guess? Last full screen kiosk version were OS 5 (long time ago) and recently OS 11

I tried your Menubar settings resutling (using 10.06.171) in no bars at all.

But mind one detail: With Firefox 68 hiding the URL-Input became difficult because the browser wants you see it all the time. Removing it in 10.06.170 makes also the web page content disapear. This is fixed only in 10.06.171 (by hiding it in slightly a different way).

Oke, I am at 10.06.130 right now

On this version, the older firefox 60 is not so picky about bar removal.

In fact your Menubar settings work here with 10.06.130, too.

But was is it, that you see on your side?

@member so, in your UMS with an client with 10.06.130 there is no menu bar in Firefox with the same config I posted in the screenshot?

I also searched for the text WEB SERVICE but this I cant find also in the profile

Originally I had a local config. But also with a UMS-Profile containing a new browser with your settings from above I have no menubar, no navbar, no tabsbar.

What do you mean with WEB SERVICE?

Firefox title (see screenshot). Will test it this weekend on my test environment UD3-LX OS11 at home. I Made an export of the used profile so let’s see what it does with OS 11

With another look at the initial picture, I think there’s a simple explanation: This is the external window decoration and WEB SERVICE is the title of the page your’re viewing. So the thing your’re missing is just the _start in fullscreen_ setting. The setup page Menu&Toolbars is for the browser’s internal toolbars.

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