How to import an IGEL pbak backup file?

per the documentation theres a “Click Data Source > Add..” part but thats not something that the GUI is showing.

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i upgraded from 6.01 to 6.02 and it wouldnt allow authentication, which sent me down this rabbit hole.

im at the point where i have uninstalled IGEL from dev to test but cannot for the life of me find where to inport the pbak 😞

I assume you have the UMS console opened? The data source thingy with backup and restore is placed on the separate app UMS Administrator.

oh yeah, its the console. is the admin portion a seperate installer or part of the options during install?

It’s the same installer and you’ll find a shortcut in the start menu

oh nice, that you! if had only the pbak file and a fresh server with freshly installed UMS, could get it up and running or do i have to have lic file or other crucial files?

our UMS is so broken at this point – or is it easier to blow away the server and import configs/AD from production server?

Endpoints are connected to a UMS via certificate. So these have to be in the backup as well. If you’re using the internal database then set up an administrative task ( in the UMS console) and backup the database with everything recurring.

In the UMS Administrator you can do a backup as well, but not scheduled.

See also

the backup we got was auto generated during the install of 6.02

during the upgrade of 6.01

Profiles can be ex- and imported between UMS despite different databases.


so ure saying i can export from prod and just import to dev?

What kind of error you get at login? Can you provide a screenshot?

i cant anymore as its a blown away instance

Ex / import from prod to dev regarding profiles yes

only got 6.01 on it and trying to finesse with pbak or the IGEL folder we copied out of programfiles


Aha ok. UMS on windows, just to be sure!?

Is prod also on 6.01?


and yup

we were going to go from 5.09 to 6.02

while prod has been on 6.01 for a bit

but we tested on dev and that prob instantly, something to that effect of invaliud credentials, then our diagnostic process got us here haha

How many clients were taking about in dev? If less then setting them up new would be easier than restore.

Structure in “devices” has to be new created. Profiles could be ex and imported.

its somewhere north of 200 IIRC

sorry i just adopted this process and IGEL is new to me even

any issues with certs if i export from prod to dev?

the dev doesnt even have a login associated lol

the concern here is mainly the server cert in prod, but if theres anything else im all ears 🙂

No problem – you found the community already so you’re in a save place 😊

Certs are created during installation so that cannot be transfered.

In the UMS Administrator you can so set a new password for the super admin (crested during installation) if forgotten (only if you use the internal database)

so i would essentially be setting up the dev ums from scratch correct?

If there’s no backup to restore, unfortunately yes

Backup from the dev environment

When you have about 200 clients in dev – how many do you have in prod? I’m just curious

200 in prod sorry]

i ve had little touchtime with dev so im unsure how many are there

Ok 😇

im still unfamiliar with the process and the app lol, 2nd day with it 😞

and today i had to do the upgrade and how troubleshooting haha

Where you’re based? Perhaps a local SE can setup a remote session and help you

SF bay area

There’s our HQ in the states 🙂 I’ll have a look which of my colleagues are there and come back.


Worte them but don’t know who’s still up and when they will have time. I’ve got customer appointments this morning (Swiss time here).

no worries, you have been extremely helpful so far

do you bty chance know if theres default credentials for setup?

if account “sa” rings a bell? i know for some applications, like Jamf, theres a default set of pw for install

No default. You have to create the super admin with password during installation.

Take a look at the step by step guide in the Community to get an overview. I’ll recommend you anyway to go through them.

got it, thank you!

u answered it for me

i restored the DB

reset pw, logged in, and it was good

so simple, thank you!!!

That’s IGEL 😉

Ok, so I’ll inform my colleagues that the fire is covered 😁

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