How to install a device driver on IGEL W10 IoT l device?

Hi all,

Sorry for the silly question… 😞

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It’s my first contact with a W10 IoT Igel device on wich I’d like to install a driver. For this, the doc says to disable the Unified Write Filter but when I toggle the corresponding option into the UMS and reboot the device nothing changes. The paddlock in the status bar remains locked !!!

Am I missing something ? Can someone point me to the right procedure, please ?

Thanks in advance.

Hi François, is the profile you are using for the UWF corresponding to the Firmware on the endpoint (I mean not a Windows 7 profile when you are using a W10 IoT)? What happens when toggling the setting directly when right click on Device in UMS, and then Edit Configuration?

Hi Sebastien,

Quite sure it’s actually a W10 profile but I will check it out as soon as possible (not at work at this moment).

I will also try to set the device with right click. I never pratice this way but nice idea !

Thanks !

This is our profile for UWF off

Thanks Alexander for the screenshot.

It’s ok now. Have a nice day !

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