How to install a Logitech c920 Webcam on Windows 7/10 within Citrix?

Is there a cut dry approach to install a Logitech c920 Webcam on Windows 7/10 within Citrix?

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We use the same camera on Win 10 VDI without issue

Is there a Citrix Policy that would enable/disabled USB?

Yes, USB redirection. You need to do it in your Citrix policy, and also on your IGEL profile.

Both are enabled – no dice

Just in addition to Barrys suggestion: it depends from your purpose I would say.

1) Skype for Business / JVDI: Sessions > Citrix > Citrix Global > Unified Communications

Then disable USB Redirection AND HDX RealTime WebCam redirection under Sessions > Citrix > Citrix Global > HDX Multimedia

2) anything else: USB Redirection OR Sessions > Citrix > Citrix Global > HDX Multimedia > HDX RealTime WebCam redirection

thank you.

Hi All – Going to revive this thread since there are similar ones but I haven’t seen a definitive answer anywhere

I’m trying to globally get webcams (embedded and external USB) to work within iGel OS and Citrix. I can successfully utilize the webcam in the Firefox browser in iGel OS before entering my Citrix sessions.

When I launch Citrix it attempts to use HDX optimized mode which then “locks” the device from being used by GoToMeeting or a browser test. On the Windows client you can manually swap it to generic mode and it sees the device as a USB camera and everything works great.

Do we have that capability in the Linux Client settings?

I have tried going to enabling/disabling Sessions > Citrix > Citrix Global > HDX Multimedia > HDX RealTime WebCam redirection

Sessions > Citrix > Citrix Global > Native USB Direction

Settings are set to globally deny, with an allowance for the Video Class Rule

Thanks in advance for any advice

Hi James,

from what I recall, on Linux Citrix Workspace App there is only one or the other hand at the moment. Redirecting a Device through USB Redirection ends up in not being able to use the optimized Channel anymore. From a technical approach it should be possible but I guess we would need a Feature Request for that.

Thanks Sebastien. As you can imagine with all of the craziness going on right now, I’ve got a workforce that is now learning to work remotely AND with new technology to boot, so it is a bit of a struggle to get things going on the fly.

What advice do you have to get Webcams to work successfully through to Citrix? I’ve searched and read a lot of threads and there doesn’t seem to be a document with a set of guidelines that need to be in place for it all to work.

I’d like to be able to cover the entirety of Webcams if possible and get them to work in whatever is the most stable manner possible. Currently, even though I can get the webcam to work on iGel OS prior to going in to Citrix, I can’t seem to get a “class” of webcam devices to work. We’ve only been successful in locating the PID and VID of a single model and adding that in for it to work.

Is there a document of settings in regards to the proper USB direction and HDX Citrix settings to apply globally to all of my iGel endpoints?

The issue I’m seeing is: we have up to three different ways to get a Webcam working:

1. use an optimization Pack like for Skype for Business, Cisco Jabber or in a hopefully near future: teams. That means the webcam is available in that Application in citrix AND locally

2. use the HDX Webcam Redirection. doesn’t work such smooth like on 1. but still available remotely (more or less everywhere) AND locally

3. use the native USB redirection. Works ok but isn’t optimized for RTAV AND it blocks 1&2 from beeing used

Awesome thanks for responding as always.

#1 seems the best if MS Teams can be successful. Our City basically has pushed all staff to be remote and that would be huge for us right now.

#3 – What USB allowances do I need to cover the entire class of webcams? I tried the “Video” Class but it doesn’t seem to work. Would I need to enable the “Audio” class as well?

on #1 for the moment, I only can propose the local Teams CP, which runs locally

on #3 USB video device class should cover every Webcam but on Audio Devices there might be a splitting, so yes.

Regarding #3: When only allowing native USB-redirection for Video to get the c920 video capture working in teams weithin Citrix, should it be still possible to use the audio input device of the c920 with HDX? Or does #3 for Video blocks #2 also for Audio-input?

That would explain why currently only Video is working in teams for us while audio-input (microphone) of c920 isn‘t working (only the integrated audio device of UD3 is working if unmuted). Our hope was that the Video-device and Audio-device of the c920 can be handled seperatly.

@member Usually the Splitting isn‘t recommended:


Citrix recommends that you do not split interfaces for a webcam. As a workaround, redirect the device to a single device using Generic USB redirection. For a better performance, use the optimized virtual channel.

But just in case, you could use the local sound mixer to set the usage of the Webcam Mic instead of the Standard line in.

Hi Sebastian,

many thanks for your quick reply. We‘ve also tried to redirect both (video and Audio-input of c920) using native USB-redirection by adding also Audio next to Video to avoid splitting devices. Unfortunately, with this setting video capture in teams wasn‘t working anymore for unknown reasons – instead only the c920 audio-input was working.

Regarding Sound mixer: May you please give us instructions how to set the usage of the webcam mic as the default input device using local sound mixer in IgelOS 11.03? We were already looking for that setting, maybe we’ve missed something.


Right click on the speaker symbol in Taskbar, Sound preferences

Hi Sebastian. Windows 2019, CVAD 1912, Igel os 11.3.500.

Need to redirect the webcam in HDX. Two different laptop and webcam. Igel webcam information work local. USB redirection disabled. In session with chrome or other x32 app the webcam don’t work. It seem that citrix try (the led power on and off) but at the end don’t work.

With local firefox work great. I need the HDX webcam redirection to work. No USB redirection o SfB integration. With windows client and same citrix farm work.

@member I’m in calls until late evening but this article from Citrix gives a few ideas to check:

Hi sebastian. we just read this article.

With windows device all work well. HDX webcam redir work for us. With IGEL linux we cannot start webcam. The webcam led flash some time and the end don’t work.

Did igel have some special configuration steps for webcam. We activate the redirect and try, we change some quality and fps parameter and try. The result remain the same with different device/webcam, with different parameter, with different citrix receiver version (the three available in 11.3.500). We suppose this is a IGEL problem why with windows device all work great.

Hi Alberto, usually not tbh, beside the HDX RealTime Webcam redirection:

Is the application you are testing in VDI, a 64 Bit Application?

Hi Sebastian. I just read this link:

About this link the question can be: how se to correctly the web cam parameters? Can wrong parameters give us this problem?

I try different parametes.

I know that citrix don’t certifiy webcam redir if using 64 bit app in session (we use XA on 2019) if the enpoint is different from windows. IGEL is linux so we try with 32 bit app. Chrome in allways a 32 bit app and we try to use the webcam test page recommended by igel. and

Which Webcam model are you using?

we use two different laptop converted. One Dell and one HP. The HP user a HP webcam, The dell use a integrated microdia/sonix webcam

we can test with external webcam but is more difficult (we work at home in this period and the customer is not in office)

Would be great to have a kind of standard Usb Webcam tested, indeed. Like Logitech C920 or similar. Even if it‘s complicated, I know…

We try a logitech c920 now (remotely). Same problem.

We can arrange a Mmicrosoft HD-5000 in the next days but i think that the problem remain. At the moment I think that the problem is not the webcam but some setting

Please open a ticket, then and it would be helpful to keep us in the loop!

@member was it the c920 or the c920e?

@member c920

@member With Giacomo we open a ticket yesterday

For another customer i connect the same converted dell laptop to a XD7 2008R2 worker. Here with the same webcam config and webcam device work well.

2008R2 XD7.15 worker and hdx webcam redir work. 2016/2019 xd7.1912, hdx webcam redir (on igel) don’t work

Same citrix policy.

did citrix need some special hdx config in the lastest version of xd for the webcam redir on linux (with windows device work well)?

@member we open the ticket ITRS#2020042110001351 some days ago. Can you check it?

Yes, will have a look on it later on!

Hello @member, so reading this the Citrix farm VDA agent changed?

Hello we have the same problem here. we want to test teams in citrix over igel linux but at the moment i can’t use it for example with

Locally on the igel everything is ok, but in the citrix session it is not possible to show the webcam stream. we checked all citrix policies and tried a lot of combinations in the igel profile. but still no picture…i opened also a ticket on igel support…on an windows pc with citrix workspace app everything is fine…are there some things we can try/test? thanks

Which IgelOS Version are you using? @member

at the moment i tested it on igel ud3/ud6 with 11.03.500.01 and and also i tried it on different citrix farm versions but i can’t get any picture in the session.

at the moment i tested it on igel ud3/ud6 with 11.03.500.01 and and also i tried it on different citrix farm versions but i can’t get any picture in the session.

Just in case, do you have a 11.02.150 device to retest? Just in case…

I have been seeing reports of issues with HDX in 1912/1915 VDA, may be something Citrix broke on their updated Windows agent :thinking_face:

at the moment i’m using vda 1912, i don’t have a device with this firmware but i can try to downgrade one device

Can you try going back to 7.15 CU5 VDA on the VDI image?

Hi everyone. Did anybody have any luck with getting this to work?We are having the same troubles (running Server 2019 with LTSR 1912 and IGEL OS 11.03.580.01), unfortunately as I’m based in Australia, responses take a bit to come back and it is slow trying to resolve.

If you have HDX enabled on both Citrix and IGEL it just works.

Thanks, unfortunately there must be something else happening with my setup. We keep getting the blocked or in use message. HDX works okay from a Windows based connection, but not from the IGEL. Will continue working with IGEL support and see what we can figure out.

Sounds like something in the session may be grabbing control of HDX devices. Are you using Teams or Skype and are they running on the session? Skype had the tendency to grab the camera when it didn’t need it

Also, I would recomend contacting Citrix, as HDX is their protocol and they may be able to shed some light on what is happening

Looks like I hadn’t read up enough on limitations. We have 64-bit install of Chrome. I can now at least get it to pass through the HDX camera to the browser, but just need to work out the best combination of settings as we have people who want to use Zoom as well as browser-only telehealth applications and I’m not sure if I can do both Zoom VDI and HDX camera in the browser.

It depends. Zoom makes an extension for IGEL that is deployed as a Custom Partition. You can try deploying the CP and see if the camera still works in both applications.

Zoom VDI was incorporated into the latest 11.04 image and it looks to be working well now. I have HDX webcam redirection and Zoom VDI going together in test. Just need to get them to production and that’ll make a bunch of users happy.

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