How to install a printer driver for an USB printer on IGEL OS?

Hi, a customer of mine has only UD3-LX clients and asked me if it is possible to install a printer driver for an USB printer on that system. He wants their production employees only to connect to Exact Online and print some orders. I think it will be a problem but maybe some of you can help me.

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Hi! If we are speaking about a so called Linux PPD Driver then yes.

Thanks, looking good. Next Tuesday I will try. Let you know!

Keep my fingers crossed!

Me too!

What kind of Linux OS is Igel using for their UD3-LX? It’s not so easy finding the PPD Driver for the HP LaserJet M14-M17 that I need……😕

Ubuntu 16.04 x64 should cover it in the best way

Thanks @member. Does someone here has experience with this and has the right PPD file / knows a site where to download it. The HP site doesn’t help very much because the only Linux driver I can download is a HPLIP file

Does it means that when I can select the setting, the Igel has the support for that printer already on board?

Yes, not everytime in the last detail but yes

Nice, then I will try this first. 💪. My customer will test this week so of course I ‘ll let you know…….

Good news, it works! Thanks for your support.

Happy to help!

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