How to install a .tar.gz File on IGEL OS on a UD3-LX51 (OS

Hey Igel Community, how can I install a .tar.gz File on a Linux Igel UD3-LX51 (OS The File is on our ums_filetransfer Folder! Thank you.

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You should have added this file to Files in UMS. Then you can assign it to devices. If you really need to install it, you probably need a Custom Partition.

Ok…it is my first LX Igel… can you explain more details please

I need a path where the File on the Igel must go to…

What is inside your tar.gz?

*_IT_Fernwartung_6.0.8.tar.gz it is AnyDesk… a Remote App

So you want to run it and maybe first ‘install’ it. You should get familiar with Custom Partitions,

Hey Alexandre, I guess you are trying to install an Application on an Igel, right?

It‘s definetely more than just starting an app, it would try to copy files in folders where you wouldn‘t have write access or / the files would be gone after a reboot. So I would ask your Igel Sales Rep. for the creation of a CP.

It seems to be a little bit to Complicatet for me now! In this way…Windows Igel are more comfortable 😛

In my Post I sayd OS 10… the Link you send me is OS 11?!

It’s more or less the same, but if you’re not familiar with Linux, better contact your Igel Sales Rep. 🙂

@member even if I fully understand your first impression, and I totally follow you on that point (I first had Windows NT 4.0 embedded Igels, then XPe, then 7 embedded): Linux performs best if you want it reliable, thin and stable. As soon as you want to integrate 3rd party Software, it might feel a bit complex. If you need some help on the CP Topic, please contact your local Igel (Pre-)Sales Resource to get you helped.

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