How to install an FTPs server for the IGEL OS update distribution?

Hello, everybody, how to install an FTPs server for the Igel update distribution. Background is, that when checking the update from OS10 to OS11 the update resource is not ok, because in the directory files are missing. Same as in this article

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What are your experiences and best practices?

Hello Eike, I guess you could follow this guide

Especially Point 3:

Go to System > Update > OS 11 Upgrade and change the following settings according to your successful upgrade test (for details, see Adjusting the Setup):

• Activate Upgrade to OS 11.

• Set Upgrade to OS 11 even if PowerTerm is enabled according to your needs.

• Set Require an Enterprise Management Pack license to upgrade to OS 11 according to your needs.

• Set Timeout waiting for OS 11 license to start automatic upgrade to 10 Minutes.

Just to note, I had issues doing the OS10 to 11 upgrade when using FTP servers. I had point the upgrade media to the UMS server for it to detect it. When hosted on an FTP it only seems to check for the LX version.

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