How to install and configure the IGEL UDC Appliance

Hi all, I ́ve some trouble with configuring the UDC Appliance. The Appliance can ́t get ready for Deployment once I do not enable and start the internal DHCP service. But I want to use my external DHCP. As discribed in the Article, the internal DHCP should be disabled therefore.

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Hi, please find attached a few screenshots.

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I configured it as shown in the screenshots, but the status is not changed to “deployment ready”. If you have enabled the internal DHCP, then the status message changes to green with Deployment ready

That’s how it looks like in mine ESXi:

On my dhcp server:

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I don‘t think you need the Ready message.

Thanks Sebastien,

I will check in the comming days, if an automated OS11 deployment via UDC appliance on a Dell Wyse Thin Client works without the Status: “Deployment Ready” on the configuration page of the UDC Appliance

At least it works on my side 😄 even if the DHCP isn’t started (which isn’t an error),

I just tested the automated deployment and it works like a charme, yeah. But one additional hint regarding the follwoing article:

You cannot upload a .zip file, it has to be the .iso file of the OS version.

Great to here !!!!

I’m using files and the Appliance had taken it over. If you tried a Firmware file like here: that’s true, it will fail.

How can I force the “verbose” selection of the installation options? The first entry is selected by default (without verbose). I there a possibility to change this in a config file on the UDC Appliance?

I‘m only aware of Attended or unattended tbh…

in the start process of the installation, it is listed as “IGEL OS install …” and “IGEL OS install … verbose”

Yes, but I can only switch between Attended / Unattended on the Appliance side. That’s what I meant.

the default selection is the yellow. Is it possible to force the verbose selection as default. Otherwise the User must still interact and it is not a fully automated process 🙂

Sorry… Not getting your point: verbose means more info, not automated.

If you want an Automated conversion, you need the unattended mode:

But be careful on that option, it would convert without interaction every device that connects to the appliance.

ok. I just tested the unattended installation with manually selecting “IGEL OS install … verbose” on startup of the device, but the OS11 installation starts not automatically after 10 sec. which is described in the following article. The Accept Eula Pop-Up window appears, where the User has to confirm manually.

If you have chosen unattended deployment, the firmware will be installed after a 10-second timeout.

But why are you using verbose ? Not getting that sorry… Are you wanting an automated rollout WITHOUT interaction or something else? sorry to ask….

If I choose the “verbose” option during startup I should get the unattended deployment mode or?

A fully automated rollout without user interaction is only possible with the unattended mode, which I can set in the UDC Appliance as default or?

No, verbose just means: it shows more infos. Exact: Unattended means: without interaction.

ok, then it is clear for me. Many Thanks 👍

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