How to install applications via the UMS to IGEL W10 devices

Hi, I have a selection of UD3-W10 51Cs. Is there a way of installing applications onto them via the UMS or can I install them locally then take an image to rollout via UMS? Thanks in advance.

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Hi! This thread is covering your question:

In UMS 6.04 the UCB is included for free!

Taking Snapshots (Images):

Fantastic! Thank you ever so much.

Morning, I’m sure I’m missing something simple but….. When I go onto the thin client as per the document “Creating a New Customized Snapshot Profile in the UMS” the fields are pre populated and greyed out. There is a padlock next to each field. I’m logged in as Admin on the thin client. I’ve tried removing the Thin client from UMS too, same result. Can someone point out my ‘newbie’ error please?

Is there maybe a Universal Firmware Update Profile applied to the device? In your UMS, right click device, Edit configuration, go to the Configuration that is greyed out, move the mouse to the lock, stay there and then you should see the Profile which “blocks” this setting.

Thanks (again). It displays a profile. I’ll delete the profile. I’m setting these up in my lab before rolling out to a site.

It was a firmware profile. Fixed. Thanks

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