How to: Install entire IGEL infrastructure within Azure

So, I need some help, I want to build my entire IGEL infrastructure within Azure, but need some help in setting up the Virtual Network and Servers necessary for the UMS and the CMG. Has anyone successfully built their IGEL infrastructure up in the cloud and be willing to help a brother out?

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I think they may cover what you are wanting in this video series.

Yes, I did too. Please let us know where you need some help, if the youtube tuto didn’t covered your questions.

Ok, this explains the CMG, the first part will be building the UMS in Azure, has anyone done this part?

Ah, my bad. I missed the UMS part of your message.

I have done UMS in AWS. Happy to answer questions ( I know not the same as AZure, but maybe close enough)

I have a running UMS in azure, could potentially help, what questions did you have

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