How to install IGEL OS on HP Thinclient T640 ?

Hi there , is there any dokumentation how i get IGEL OS on a HP Thinclient T640 ?

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We have these devices too. We simply create an USB stick with the Igel OS Creator firmware and install it on the device, press F9 for the boot menu. There are also several mass deployment options via SCCM or the deployment appliance. But for just a few devices an USB drive is the simplest way.

last supported Image was 11.04.100 after i created a Stick an Installed this version , the thinclient tells me he did not have a boot device under OS11 and OS Creator there are newer versions. We ran also into this issue once were we installed it but afterwards the device could not find the boot device. Problem was that in the installation dialog where you can select which features you want to install, there is a button “Force legacy installation”. You have to turn that off. Or change the bios to boot via legacy boot

thanks a lot !

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