How to Install IGEL OS via a Bootable USB Drive

If you wish to install IGEL OS 11 directly on an existing or new device, then you will need to create installation media. This is where the IGEL OS Creator comes in to play.

Once you have downloaded and extracted the contents of the ZIP file, you will notice an executable inside called ‘preparestick.’ This applet is used to prepare a CD or USB thumb drive that will be used to deploy the IGEL OS.

After you create the installation media, you will need to configure the target device to boot to it. Upon boot, the IGEL OS Creator installation wizard will appear to walk you through installing the IGEL OS.

Once installed, the target device runs the same version of IGEL OS as found on any IGEL device and all fully manageable via the UMS.

The following steps detail how to create a bootable USB drive containing the IGEL OS Creator.

1. Connect a USB thumb drive to a Windows-based PC.

2. Extract the IGEL OS zip file you downloaded earlier in this guide. Open the newly extracted folder to reveal the installation files.

In the folder, you notice the ISO file. This is a full-blown IGEL OS image. In the following steps, you learn how to install the IGEL OS on a USB drive, but it is important to understand you can also utilize this ISO image and install the IGEL OS in a virtual machine.
It is required to run the preparestick application with administrative context, or the app may fail.

Double-click the preparestick executable.

3. The preparestick application opens and presents you with the IGEL OS Creator source location (the ISO image discussed above) and destination you wish to install the IGEL OS Creator software, too, in this case, a USB thumb drive.

Enter the required configurations and click the Start writing process button to create the bootable USB stick.

4. Beware, this tool formats the USB stick, thus any data on the drive is lost. Please be careful and double-check to make sure you do not delete the wrong hard-drive by accident.

Click Yes to continue.

5. The preparestick program copies the IGEL OS installation program to the USB drive and makes it bootable.

6 Once the installation of the IGEL OS setup program is complete, the Duplication process complete! a dialog box appears.

Click OK to continue.

You have a bootable USB stick with the IGEL OS Creator setup program installed and are ready to insert the USB stick in the desired device and boot from it to install the IGEL OS!

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