How to install LIbreOffice Custom Partition on IGEL OS

Hello, I am new to IGEL so apologies in advance. I am trying to create a profile for open office using this link and when I apply the profile to my IGEL OS I get an two errors saying the partitions data couldn’t be downloaded. I verified the credentials are correct for UMS. Has anyone else experienced this issue? Thank you.

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For CP (Custom Partition), you need to create package, upload files and configure UMS to send out. Here is a sample video showing steps to create CP.

Hello Todd, no need to apology! Just in addition to Rons question: do you have a package .tar.bz2 and .inf or are you a step beyond?

Hello, I have both the .inf file and the .tar.bz2 file. I will work off of Ron’s link and update as needed

Here is build script to create your own LIbreOffice CP

Thank you. The CP has been created.

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