How to install wireless drivers on IGEL OS 11?

Hi all.

I need to install a wireless drivers on Igel os 11.

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Do you know how I can do it ?


Hi, on which Firmware and which kind of devices?

Hi Sebastien.

On the lastest frw I installed today.

The device is rock pi x card.

The manufacturer send me the drivers

Hi Andre, if you want to try and build by your own here is great how to regarding custom partition (CP):

That feature allows you (more or less) to integrate applications or drivers in our OS. Our OS is read only, so you can‘t install something like on a normal distro.

As an alternative, you could open a ticket at our support and ask for the creation but it will take a few days or weeks dependent from the actual project workload of our devs.

It would be great to do this.

Hope it can works.

I give it a try and if It’s a fail I can open a ticket

Thanks again

Hi I try to test but no success.

And I have the drivers file but it’s a .bin and manufactured say me to put it on /lib/firmware/brcm

Can i installed .bin with custome commands ?


In general yes, transfer it through files, and use it in Custom Commands.

Good news but when I don’t know what kind of commands must I use to install .bin.

I don’t found documentation

That one should help:

WoW thanks

I read this.

Very complicated just for a network drivers 🙁

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