How to integrate IGEL Clients into Lansweeper

Hey Guys, I need to integrate IGEL Clients into Lansweeper.

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It works with the root user, but from a security point of view I would like to avoid using the root user.

But as a normal user I cant execute the “uname” command, can I give the “user” rights to execute some commands as root?

thank you for your help!

Hi, are you using SSH there?

Hi. Yes lansweeper contacts igel via SSH

Ok, great! Enabling the User SSH Access would help then?

Hi Julian, we have recently put Lansweeper in place but have not yet considered adding IGEL endpoints into this product. I’m curious as to what your impression is with reporting IGEL devices in Lansweeper?

As I said it does work, but only with the root user.

And I want it to work with a normal User, but for that to work the user needs to be able to execute some command f.e. “uname”.

The Problem I have is how to assign those rights.

I am relatively new to lansweeper as well and dont use it myself. It is for the Servicdesk on customer side, but as I heard it really helps them to easily get all the information they need.

Right, I’d be curious to know that as well, but regarding feature set with IGEL devices, do you find that it’s at parity with the info available with UMS?

And, actually, you just answered another question, which is what the use case is for Lansweeper, and yes, it makes sense to provide certain teams access to this info without letting them into the UMS

Sorry, just saw the first lines of the original post. You could chmod a few binaries but I wouldn‘t recommend it.

There is definitely more information on lansweeper than in the ums, what is not visible and I will see how to make it work is to make the Fields “Site, Department” etc visible in lansweeper this would help a lot so that everyone knows where the device is exactly

There you could use the IMI Rest API, or export the the Asset infos from a view to CSV:

Thanks for the feedback. I’ll see if I can check this out soon.

I will try if I can make it work with the csv export, thank you.

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