How to integrate our IGEL OS clients into Active Directory (as Computer Objects)?

Hey, we are looking for a solution to integrate our IGEL OS clients into our Active Directory (as Computer Objects). Does anyone have any experience or is looking for a solution aswell?

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Hey, as far as I remember there isn‘t a standard or supported way to achieve that requirement. Linux can authentificate against an AD, but creating computer objects is limited to windows devices. What are you trying to achieve?

Hi Sebastien, upcoming changes (firewall, NAC) and our printing solution (steadyprint) rely on AD objects so that we need the clients to be in the AD.

Hi Michael, ok! I assume that you would have to reprocuce the settings in the UMS, as soon as they are available there. A couple of actions would be available through our Management interface (IMI) / Rest API

We do create Computerobjects for each Linux-TC as well. Since we never really put in operation at the same time enough to have the urge to automate this, we do this manually.

But as @member said, you can achieve this via IMI/API

Here you could use the Powershell Module

to get the TCs and their directories:

(Get-UMSThinclient, Get-UMSThinclientDirectory) , join them and Import them in to AD

Without IMI license you could achieve this also by using sql-queries

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