How to launch an RDP file from a ‘Browser Session’ (Firefox) on IGEL

Folks, I am trying to launch an RDP file from a ‘Browser Session’ (Firefox) on the IGEL OS The browser is configure to launch and go to a landing page on which there are links to various services. One of these services is an RDP connection and the link is configured with a RDP file.

The browser downloads the RDP file and the Authentication dialogue (RD Web Access) launches. I supply a username and password (no domain here; I am working from home so the RDP is just to my Windows 10 PC) and click OK, the authentication dialogue disappears and nothing happens. I’m stumped as to what is going wrong and can’t find any logging on the iGel to help.

Things that do work on the iGel include:

I can configure an ‘RDP Session’ via the setup tool and successfully RDP to my PC using the same credentials.

I can run a local terminal on the iGel and use ‘xfreerdp’ with the same credentials and successfully RDP to my PC .

I can copy the RDP file from my web server to the iGel, pass it to ‘xfreerdp’ again supply the same credentials and successfully RDP to my PC .

So the problem seems to be launching the RDP file from Firefox. Can anyone help?

Hi, can you upload the rdp file to a Webserver, reset your device to factory defaults and check if opening the RDP file through Firefox and the standard Webserver, functions.

Forgive my ignorance, I am new to iGel. How do I reset to factory defaults?

Don’t worry. Found it under ‘Other Commands’

OK, I’ve tried that and the behavior is the same- no connection. My only extra step was adding my PC as a host entry on the iGel.

Not sure how familiar you are with Linux but you could try to manipulate the handler in Firefox: /userhome/.mozilla/firefox/browser0/handlers.json

There replace the rdwarun by the Binary you validated.

If that works, I could create a profile that replaces this string on evry boot (since our OS mostly Write Protected).

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