How to let the user configure multi displays on IGEL OS?

I have a question regarding dual monitors. I have one user that prefers the monitor to the right side to be the main monitor, where the taskbar is populated with icons and the desktop has the icons. I was able to switch the monitors in the config, but now the mouse doesn’t flow smoothly between screens. Hopefully this makes sense but in a two monitor setup I want the right one as monitor #1 and the one the left as monitor #2 and for the mouse to move in the correct direction

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My apologies, I am using 11.08.360

Hi Cole, the tool for this is the “Display Switch”, which lets the user make changes to monitor layout and configuration. Sometimes it’s a bit counter intuitive, but it’s the tool for the job.

For the sounds of it, the OS thinks the left monitor is on the right side, thereby not allowing the mouse to jump from one monitor to the other in the expected manner.

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