How to list all computers which have an IGEL OS license on the activation page?

Hello, is there a way to list all computers which have a license on the activation page? or inside UMS?

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In the UMS, you can make a View, or go to UMS Administration > Global Configuration > Licenses > Device Licenses

In the ILP, you can search for MAC addresses but there’s no way to view all licensed devices in one go

Hello Gideon, you mean like this?

I would use a view but change the filter to Licensed:

@member when i create this view i see less devices as i see in the activation portal. i would love the possibility to see the differences. i think some devices are removed and the licenses are not released. but how to find these devices

@member are these OS11 devices or legacy?

If they are OS11, you can see old hardware which is no longer licensed in the ILP because it still appears in the Product Pack, but with an X

> i think some devices are removed and the licenses are not released

if the devices were removed from the UMS and were pre-OS11, you would no longer have a reference to them to check the license. So there’s no way you could check without scanning them back in.

If they were OS11 devices and still had a valid license, you would be able to see this by checking the number of licensed devices in the UMS against the number of licensed devices in the ILP

these are OS11 machines and i see a difference in number but how to find the devices which aren’t used any more to release there license so we can install new devices with the licenses which are released

> how to find the devices which aren’t used any more

This is quite labour intensive. You would need to manually check each device in the ILP to see if it is still in the UMS. It might be possible by downloading license files for all your Product Packs and extracting the MAC addresses, then comparing these with a CSV from the UMS, e.g. with Excel.

No easy solution (unless someone else has some ideas 😉). How many devices are you talking about?

at the moment it is only 380 devices but we will grow to 1800 devices

We are looking into a way to do this that we can give instructions for. Very early stages, but I plan to talk to someone today about options for this. It won’t be in the portal if we come up with a solution, but using Linux tools to combine / compare files generated in UMS and the conole to find the differences

What I had to do was to compare the what is in the UMS to what is in the ILP. I create a Simple View that Listed the machine names, Last Boot Time (for reference) Unit ID, and Mac Address. Then I went to the ILP and went to each of my Product packs that were license for Physical devices and Selected Download. The file comes out as an .lic file but it is formatted as an XML file. Then I parsed the .lic file for the lines in the <hardware> </hardware> section that should look something like<property type=”macaddress” mode=”onerequired”>XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX</property>. Now you can take all the XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX which should be the devices that are licensed in each pack and add to a excel Spreadsheet with each Product Pack per Column so it is easy to know which pack they are in, then copy all the Pack Columns (named by the Product Pack)into the exported View of all of your devices you did first. Now you can do a comparison (yes there is a way to do that in excel so you do not have to do a line by line manually) of each Product Pack Device against the Unit ID of the Export and you will be able to see all of the Licenses that are no longer in the UMS so that you can delete them from the Packs. you will also be able to look at devices that are in the UMS but have not booted in a long time and make the call to delete them or not.This was the only way I have found to clean up the UMS and ILP and recover license quickly. I know it is a bit to go through but once you have the process down it goes pretty quick.And if you are able to automate you Parsing and the Excel Comparison it takes almost no time at all.

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