How to load an IGEL Custom Partition from an FTP server via ICG

Hello all, I’m very new to IGEL and have inherited an environment with about 700 clients. I have been fighting all day trying to deploy a couple of easy rated CP’s.

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We use a cloud gateway and all files for CP’s are placed on and FTP site. I’ve been trying to deploy chrome and putty all day following the IGEL instructions…I place the needed files on the FTP server, import the profile, edit the download section to point to FTP…deploy to my test IGEL…I see the chrome Icon on the desktop but it does not load. I see the putty icon that looks like a gear and it does not load…Any help would be appreciated. I’ve already opened a ticket with support but it will take a few days.

@member I created a video showing how I setup multiple CPs and how to debug.

Sample for Zoom CP –>

Here is automation to build Google Chrome –>

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