How to logoff all ICA sessions on a IGEL OS thin client using sessions.xlock0.options.countdown_done_cmd?

Anyone have a good way to logoff all ICA sessions on a thin client using sessions.xlock0.options.countdown_done_cmd? We don’t login to the IGELs using AD, and we want to logoff any open sessions if the screensaver starts. Using killall wfica isn’t exactly desired.

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you could use the command like this:

su -c “/usr/bin/pnlogoff -f; sleep 2; logoff”

Thank you! Do I need the ‘su -c’ if all I want to do is log them out of Storefront? I don’t need to actually log them off the IGEL device.

no, it’s not mandatory but would have to double check hold on.

Running it without su -c via ssh seems to work.

Yes, same here, tested root and user context.

I assume I also have to enable and set a screenlock password for this to run? It doesn’t seem to run if I don’t.

I was going to just set a BS password in the profile since it doesn’t prompt for one when you move the mouse.

Hmm, this doesn’t appear to be working at all using the sessions.xlock0 settings. Doesn’t want to run any of the commands I enter.

Ok, let me check.

su -c “/usr/bin/pnlogoff -f; sleep 2; logoff” didn’t work, but killall wfica did. Trying /usr/bin/pnlogoff -f now.

Okay, that seemed to do it – /usr/bin/pnlogoff -f

Did it worked now?

Yep, worked with that last command. Gonna test a few more times just to make sure it wasn’t flakey.

Thanks Sebastien. Is there any way to remove the “Lock Screen” icon in the start menu? That one’s not a biggie, but I’d prefer it gone.

Actually, it is a biggie, because if somebody accidentally launches that, they won’t be able to get back in without rebooting.

Usually when setting the shortcuts like this, it shouldn’t appear:

Found the option.

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