How to make 4K resolution work on IGEL OS

Hi, I am seeing 4k resolution with on dell latitude 7430 model laptop with v11.05.133 firmware on it. I tried multiple resolutions via profiles but nothing works. Can you suggest any?

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Have you tried a profile that set the resolution manually for that device?

This works for us when setting the resolution for 4k tv’s for display boards etc.

Hi, in addition to Noahs suggestion: please test latest firmware 11.08.330 since this can also be related to the driver.

# su user -c xrandr –output DISPLAY1 –rate 60 –mode 1920×1080 –fb 1920×1080 –panning 1920×1080* –output DISPLAY2

su: unrecognized option ‘–output’

Usage: su [options] [LOGIN]


-c, –command COMMAND pass COMMAND to the invoked shell

-h, –help display this help message and exit

-, -l, –login make the shell a login shell

-m, -p,

–preserve-environment do not reset environment variables, and

keep the same shell

-s, –shell SHELL use SHELL instead of the default in passwd

Open a terminal window and login as `user`

remove `su user -c`


$ xrandr –output DISPLAY1 –rate 60 –mode 1920×1080 –fb 1920×1080 –panning 1920×1080* –output DISPLAY2 –mode 1920×1080 –same-as DISPLAY1

Can’t open display

Run `xrandr`first to find what to replace DISPLAY1 with

it’s samething

$ xrandr

Can’t open display

So, you are in front of your IGEL OS PC … You open a terminal window and type in xrandr

# xrandr

xrandr: Failed to get size of gamma for output default

Screen 0: minimum 3840 x 2160, current 3840 x 2160, maximum 3840 x 2160

default connected 3840×2160+0+0 0mm x 0mm

3840×2160 88.00*

What OS version? `cat /etc/os-release`

My bet is that you will need a newer kernel to support that hardware. I would try 11.08.290

yah it’s 11.05. I will try to upgrade thanks!

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