How to make a browser session does not start in full screen on IGEL OS?

IZ3 browser session full screen. A profile applied to an UD5 starts the browser session in full screen same profile optimized for IZ doesn’t start full-screen. Any hints?

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Same Firmware Version? Did you checked the firmware version of the profile also?

Did you also tried to configure the same setting but locally in Igel Setup? Does it work there?

Will check if it works locally and compare settings

Just a profile for mirroring on it. Locally enabled full screen also doesn’t work

which firmware?

Funny, works on my side, but with 10.05.500. I don’t believe it resides in the fimrware but it would makes sense to test it anyway.

Second thing, open a local terminal, su user

firefox -url & xdotool search –sync –onlyvisible –class “Firefox” windowactivate key F11

To see if it works from the command line

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