How to make DNS dynamic updates possible for a Buddy Update server to register itself?

anyone know if i need to make dns dynamic updates possible for a buddy update server to register itself? or how to do a manual lookup for the buddy server?

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Error: Buddy_Server_Scan:timeout

Is your Buddy Master in the same Vlan/IP Segment as your Buddyslave? If I reme,ber right, if autodetection is on, the slave sends a UDP Broadcast into his network.

yes it is.

so its the last step to test the upgrade via buddy system.

Can you please describe what you did on the Buddy master? I mean, settings in profile, update, Firmware version, and really important: the order of all of them.

10.05.800 firmware.

profile Buddy master also on 10.05.800 setting

Great, and on the order, this way? :

1) Applied Profile for beeing Buddy Master

2) Assigned then the Firmware Update

3) Then did the update

profile buddy client on 10.05.800

Looks good to me, so you made it in the order described above right? Device is only retaining an Update as Buddy Master, if a) BM Profile is assigned then b) the device is updated).

Are they other Buddy masters on the network? They might interfere maybe.

So to summarize: 2 Devices:

1) with firmware Something like 10.05.500 Slave

2) with firmware 10.05.800, already updated and set as Buddy Master


ah ok.. this device was allready running on OS11

ill try again with a second device on 10.05.800 and then do the update.

Right! Would be better and should work from my experience.

So a device can only offer a FW which itself is running on

@member korrekt!

The buddy master is running on os11 and still no luck.

Ok, so BS=10.05.800, BM=11.01.100, right? Can you probeport the BM from BS on Port 21?

it works. after a reboot the system is upgrading just fine today. Magic minions.


thanks for the help guys, think it was the following that worked for me Upgrade LX 10.05.500 > 10.05.800 > Assign Profile for Buddy update and os11 upgrade. Send setting to Devices > Reboot

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