How to make Firefox launch quicker when set to automatically launch on IGEL OS

Is there any other way of having Firefox launch quicker when set to automatically launch? Maybe a delay of showing the desktop? Not a big deal, but it would be nice to have a near instant presentation of our Citrix Gateway login page

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You mean you have a delay from when your desktop seems ready until the browser session starts when it has the automatic start enabled?

This is usually due to fact that the network is not ready yet.

But this network ready status here means also that initial UMS transfer is done and processed which can take a little while after basic network connectivity is already given.

Do you mean this?

Yes, that is what I’m experiencing. Are you saying that if there’s a profile update waiting to apply to the device, it might take a bit longer to launch Firefox?

There might not even be an update on your settings but it could take time until UMS answers back. Or when there are many browser certs deployed. Till they reach the browser profile this could take a few s.

Unmark ‘wait for Network’

Thanks all for the replies. I do have ‘wait for network’ unchecked. I think everything is working as expected; I’m just too picky, but all is well!

By not waiting for the network you already have the fastest way to start your browser. But then the browser could be requesting the page before connectivity is given or the certs it needs are in place. Given that the browser itself takes time to start it could be OK nevertheless.

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