How to make run code to run as a service on IGEL OS

What is the best channel to ask questions about igel customization? We have written some code that uses lightdm libraries etc — built static to manage background wallpaper (issue I raised before) and need to understand the security model and services approach. Essentially we want the code to run as a service. We noticed that cron is not present on the thin client but the “at” command is heavily used.

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CRON is in IGEL OS …

Here is a sample profile using it… (download the Intranet-to-from-internet-profile.xml file inside the IGEL Community on Slack)

We have #os-customization

And just in case, Cron wouldn‘t work as expected, Systemd-timers are there:

systemd-run –unit=”yourscript” –on-calendar=”Tue -*- 01:00:00″ /wfs/

Can you explain a little more, please?

Systemd timers are an alternative to cron,

I used it during the time where Cron wasn‘t available in Igel OS.

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