How to manage the battery of laptop with IGEL OS?

Hello, I have a question, do you know how to manage the battery of laptop with IGEL OS (we have Horizon view session) ?

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Per example, when i close the cover of the computer, i want to have automatically IGEL standby (to save battery)

Or rather how you manage users’ laptops for batteries (if you have horizon or citrix) ?

I didn’t see a specific setting for it at first glance (I may have missed it). But the option you are looking for it available in the registry.

Hi! For your first question, take a look at this KB. At the bottom you’ll see the standby settings.

Here’s a thread on the latter part of your question. Hope this helps or gives you a direction to go. I don’t think Horizon or Citrix have a built in option to pass battery level into the session yet.

Looks like @member beat me to it hahaha!

Hi, thanks for your quick reply and all this information ! 🙂

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