How to manually add a license to an IGEL OS device

I need to use Igel11 WE and EMP licenses at Igels that are currently not connected via ICG to our regular UMS.

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We started using Igels with a second UMS in a DMZ. I am not able to push a license or a license file to the Igel-Client. Instead I would like to download the license files to the root-directory of an USB-Stick and use the OS11 Upgrade-Tool. But the license is not recogniced by the tool. The USB-Stick is accessible in the Igel.

Is there any solution how to do it.

Just to get you right: are they already on OS11 and just need to license them OR are you trying to Upgradde OS10 to OS11 (Upgrade tool you mentionned)?

need to upgrade the OS10 to OS11 because Igel is not delivering ICG Licenses for the OS10 anymore.

@member have you tried adding the OS11 license to /license/dsa/licenses/ ?

and then running the tool

Yes, I did! Tells me Read-only file system

yeah it is. you need to remount

can you tell me how to do that?

as root:

`mount -o remount,rw /license`

then do your stuff

then `mount -o remount,ro /license`

This will work! But I am doing it manually by myself and I need to upgrade around 300 clients. The user has to be able to do it with instructions.

I think it would be better to transfer the file with the UMS in the DMZ.

I can change profiles on that clients by pushing settings when they start. But Firewall will not let me transfer the license files at this time. This would be TCP Port 8443?

Yes, 8443 for HTTPS file transfer.

I need to upgrade around 300 clients.

If you want to automate the process:

1. send the license file to /wfs/on the device

2. in a profile, add a Custom Command to:

• remount the license folder as read-write (see above)

• copy the license file from /wfs/ to /license/dsa/licenses/ `cp /wfs/*.lic /license/dsa/licenses/`

• remount the folder as read-only (see above)

Is it possible to connect two Igel UMS to the activation portal? As I mentioned I would like to migrate two UMS to one. I am registering the MAC-Adress of each device, I am going to migrate, by hand, right now. It would be great to do this with the UMS, I want to shut down , automatically. When the Igel gets the license WE and it is updated to IgelOS11 it is possible to reset the device to factory defaults and then to connect it via ICG to the new UMS, because we have EMP license for these devices.

Because both Igel UMS are connected to the activation portal, everything should be alright.

I also asume that with an opened TCP 8443 the license will be transfered without you custom command solution. Or am I wrong

Or is it a violation of licenses?

You could use the UMS Licensing ID function which can be used on n servers for the transition phase:

which can be exported and reimported:

I also asume that with an opened TCP 8443 the license will be transfered


• the device can see the UMS and

• is registered on the UMS and

• there is a license for this device in the UMS

then yes, the license will be transferred automatically. However if you are working with 2 UMS servers at the same time I don’t know how that will affect things.

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