How to manually adding IGEL OS firmware to the UMS (no Internet UMS)


I’m having trouble loading iGel OS firmware in to my UMS from archive files, e.g. “”. I’m in an air-gapped environment – no Internet for the UMS.

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I right click “Universal Firmware Update” and select “Firmware archive (zip file) -> Universal Firmware Update” and then select the “Firmware archive (zip file) -> Universal Firmware Update” radio button.

I point “Firmware file” at ‘’ and set the “WebDAV target directory” to ‘/ums_filetransfer/’. The upload begins but errors after a couple of minutes with

Invalid firmware file <mypc.local:8443/ums_filetransfer/OSC_11.05.120-1620211599199

(The thirteen digit number varies each time I try)

I can upload ‘Files’ to “ums_filetransfer/”.

I can’t find any logging to help me. Can anyone offer any suggestions.

Did you tried it with the update file (

The OSC is the IGEL OS Creator, it is there to install IGEL OS on your devices.


This the file you need @member

Thanks. Will try that

OK. Just tried with ‘’ downloaded from the iGel website and got the same error “Invalid firmware file…”

System > Import … > Import Firmwares

Ron, looks like I end up at the same dialog but trying it now

Could you try to open the Zip with archive Manager and extract all the content, does that work?

One last thing… Which UMS Version are you using?

UMS 6.07.100. There seems to be a problem with some of my firmware downloads. Two out of three of the checksums don’t match. I will try re-downloading in a different browser.

It was definitely a download issue. I used a different browser, checked the checksums – all good and successfully loaded three firmwares in to the UMS. Thanks for all the help

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