How to manually import device serial numbers vis CSV in as Asset ID into IGEL UMS?

Hey Guys, i would like to import an Asset ID into all devices in UMS, i have a CSV list of Device Serial Number, Asset ID . is there a manual on how to do this?

Sounds like an IMI task (RestAPI) – but donโ€™t know, if updating an attribute is included already.

I assume the endpoints are in the UMS already and you want to update them with one additional attribute, right?

possible with PSIGEL:

Correct all end points are in there and want to update the assit id attribute.

Thanks ill try it.

Example script:


Import-Module Posh-SSH

Import-Module PSIGEL

#just a counter


#generate cookie

$Websession = New-UMSAPICookie -Computername igelrmserver

#Create export

#Get-UMSDevice -Computername ‘igelrmserver’ -WebSession $WebSession | Select Id,Mac | Export-Csv C:ScriptsIGELExport.csv

# PowerShell Import-CSV to View Properties

$imports = Import-Csv C:ScriptsIGELExport.csv -Delimiter ‘,’

ForEach ($import in $imports){

$AssetId = $($import.AssetId)

$Serial = $($import.Serial)

$Mac = $($import.Mac)

$Id = $($import.Id)

Update-UMSDevice -Computername ‘igelrmserver’ -WebSession $WebSession -Id $Id -AssetId $AssetId



Write-host $count “Devices Updated”

Example csv input:







@member @member thanks for the quick feedback.

๐Ÿ‘ great ๐Ÿ™‚

IGEL and Community rocks ๐Ÿ˜‰

Up Next: Show a QR code on screen based on this AssetID. if we need to check our CMBD or Asset management.

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