How to manually set the default audio device priority on IGEL OS?

Hi, I was wondering if someone knows how to manually set the default audio device priority.

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My preferred order would be Headphones, HDMI, Internal

Reason is, the default now is internal UD3 Speaker even though a screen with build in speakers is connected through HDMI.

In the knowledge base I found a page which suggests the order of output should be USB, HDMI, Internal speaker.

If I force the default speaker to be HDMI (Accessories >Sound Preferences >Options >Port Name = HDMI / DisplayPort), it works for machines with a HDMI audio screens and internal speaker if no screen with audio connected. However, if I plugin an audio jack (headphones) the machine will still put the audio through the HDMI screen speakers.

It is about a UD3 LX10.5.500.01

Hi Koen – wouldn’t the “sound preferences” available for the user be an option? So that she/he can adjust the setting if needed?

Hi thank for the reply, that is the cases now but their request is to set it default. So if it’s not possible so be it. But I thought it is worth trying 😉

Of course – if something couldn’t be done now, doesn’t mean it’s not possible with IGEL, this is how IGEL OS got that far and keeps evolving further.

@member That‘s a feature request I believe could interest a lot of (potential) customers! If you are a bit confident in scripting, that‘s something we could achieve with a if device is available set sink to…, if not set sink to. loop

Hi there :man-raising-hand:. I have this challenge now too.

UMS: 6.03.110 44094



Appliance Mode: VMware Horizon 7

Monitor will be connected with Displayport and the Audio-Output is over the Monitor-Speakers. If I plugin an Audio-Jack (Headphones without Microphone) the machine will still put the audio through the Monitor-Speakers. Cause Audio Priority:

If I set the Sound Profile to Headphone then it works over Headphone but the Monitor-Speakers are not working.

How I can configure: If Headphone plugged in with DisplayPort Monitor -> Sound-Output to Headphone

Without Headphone -> Monitor-Speaker

Thank you!

Hi Parziwolle, I guess, that’s the same kind of Feature Request you could put into the channel #feature-proposals

I mean (more or less) everything is achievable through scripts.

Just for my interest: how did you solved that behavior on a Windows Client?

I did something similar with this script:

if grep ‘^connected$’ /sys/class/drm/card0/card0-HDMI*/status ;then

sleep 2

pacmd set-card-profile 0 output:hdmi-stereo


sleep 2

pacmd set-card-profile 0 output:analog-stereo+input:analog-stereo


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