How to map a network printer in IGEL device by CUPS (IGEL Policy) and have the printer show up in a Citrix session?

Can anyone please help me to understand the steps that I need to follow to map a network printer mapped into an iGEL device by CUPS (iGEL Policy) and have the printer show up in a Citrix session? I have followed the article — but I am unsure of the on how to handle step 12. Start the ICA or RDP session and install the printer driver with the redirected port named `TS00x/ClientPort`. – This is a network printers on Microsoft Print Server. Thank you!

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Why do you need CUPS if it’s already got a Print Server?

I didn’t follow those instructions to the letter. I create CUPS printers like this:

The HP Color LaserJet 2800 PS Driver is installed our Citrix vDisks for Linux and Mac users.

And we use a Citrix policy to handle the mapping:

Hi Nick – I haven’t installed the driver on Citrix server but I guess it’s needed. I wonder if there is a way to use generic drivers. I do see the printers in the iGEL device for example when I use the local firefox but I am unable to see them in the Citrix servers.

What @member describes is the Citrix Universal Printing Mechanism.

If you want to use it from a linux endpoint you have to install this HP Color LaserJet 2800 PS Driver on the remote desktop.

It does not sound like a Universal driver but this is what Citrix expects you to do.

@member is correct, there’s even a Citrix KB article which explains this, which I can’t find at the moment.

@member can’t you import the MS Print Server into your Citrix VDA using GPO? This would be simpler IMO

The IGEL device connects to XenAPP server through the Linux Receiver and gets the session from the published app. I need to map printers based on locality, for example IGEL1 need to be mapped to Printer1 so when IGEL1 opens XA App then the printer that’s mapped is the one locally mapped to the iGEL device. That’s why I am doing CUPS. Does that make sense? @member Yes, I have to use the Linux end point (iGEL) so the suggestion is the local the PS driver on the XA server?

@member that does make sense. I’d be happy to give some further advice on CUPS configurations for Citrix but I’m currently snowed under with work, so perhaps some of the others here can point you in the right direction to get this working correctly 🙏

Here’s a citrix support page for how to get the special Universal Printer driver aka HP Color LaserJet 2800 PS :

If you have this installed on the remote desktop, all your cups printers on IGEL OS which require the Generic PostScript driver on the windows side like in the screenshot of the cups dialog above, should be redirected using this HP driver you just installed.

Thank you all for your help! 😃

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