How to mark a screen as primary on IGEL OS

Hello All. I would like to choose since console Ums assign default screen (exemple with configuration with 2 screen and the i choose screen 2 by default and not 1). It’s possible ? In console menu i don’t find. Thanks

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Hello David, not sure to get you right, are you wanting to configure a multidisplay scenario?

Hello. The multidisplay is configured but i would to change the default screen (use this screen for the default). If i change the default (index) it’s change display to citrix good ?

If you hover the display it will show a little P. this will mark the display you choosed as primary after applying it.

How choose default primary display ? Select display and after ?

Hover over the display, and if necessary, switch to the advanced dialog with Advanced.

Select the screen that you wish to define as the main screen.

Set the Index to 1.

The display is now marked as the main screen.

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