How to migrate the IGEL UMS from to a new SQL Sever?

Hello everyone! I have a coworker that’s working on migrating our SQL databases to a new SQL server, is there documentation on how to best proceed with this? They’re wanting to know if this can be done during business hours, which I’m a little hesitant about without knowing if there are best practices from iGel. Any advice or resources you awesome folks can share I would very much appreciate! 🙂 Thank you!

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Hello Jennifer, in general yes, there is no big downtime to expect but „general“ isn‘t really reliable😄

So, if possible, plan a short downtime period.

Well, yes, assuming we are speaking about MSSQL:

Hope it helps a bit!

Oh yes, MSSQL, sorry for not specifying! 😄 This is exactly what they were looking for, thank you @member!

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