How to mount a UD Pocket in Parallels?

Hey guys, i’m looking for a way to create a VM in Parallels Desktop with Igel OS 12 to test some functionalities with AVD. I created a boot stick which is working on multiple ThinClients, but when i try to use it with my MacBook, i receive an error, that it can’t read the medium. How are you able to install a VM with Igel OS 12 on a MAC?

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ARM based Mac? Probably not going to work.

If Arm, this could help:

but only applies for the VM.

Hi Christopher, hi Sebastien, no the MacBook is not ARM Based. @member i will try the same procedure you mentioned, thnx for that 👍

Just in case, you mean a kind of a UD Pocket, not an OS Creator stick, correct? This stick should passed and booted into a Hypervisor, correct too?

Dumb question maybe but why not installing IGEL OS in the VM directly?

I’m trying to install IGEL OS directly to the VM. I created a USB Stick with the Legacy Creater Tool and my Mac is now happy with it. I will just try to install it on the VM. Currently it is kind of freezed after i selected the first install option

Just in case, easier is to boot the ISO file from the OS Creator Zip file, if you didn‘t until now 🙃

Oh, i didn’t 🙂. Oh no…

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