How to mount secured UDB devices on IGEL OS?

Hi all, Im am running OS 10.04 (will migrate to OS 11 soon) and that runs without too many issues. However, lately I encounter users with secured UDB devices. Under Windows they receive a popup to enter a password but not with IGEL. Because IGEL cannot read the device it is not mounted and therefor not visible within a Citrix session. What can / must / should I do to enable the usage of secured USB devices?

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USB-ports are deactivated by default in IGEL for security reasons. You can activate access to USB data sticks in Devices / Storage Devices / Storage Hotplug.

If you want to narrow the use of only specific USB devices, than configure the “USB Access Control” there as well:

• Enable

• Default Rule “deny”

• Add exception under “Devices rules” naming the Vendor- and product ID of the corresponding USB device

Hi Udo, I can see all kind of USB drives without problem but now some users have USB drives that are encrypted using Microsoft Bitlocker and therefor have a password. Using lsusb I can see the USB device but the system cannot mount it because it cannot get access to it. So I have to find a way to enter the password for the device.

@member there isn’t bitlocker support in the Linux OS. You can try disabling storage hotplug and drive redirection, and instead try using USB Redirection to attach the USB storage devices directly to the windows VDI session and see if the bitlocker on that will allow you to decrypt the contents

Ok, I will try that one.

sometimes better to use such sticks with some keys on it like a TLS lock with suitcases 🙂

@member That it now works?

another example:

Thank you all but the problem is solved. I have migrated to OS 11.03.500 and every USB / Smartphone / Camera works like a charm.

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