How to move a IGEL Device with its license to a new UMS Server?

My first question is: I try to import a Think Client with its demo license (this Think Client is already present on a test VM and I would like to import it on the final Windows 2019 server). Is it possible to import it with the same demo license or I have to give it a new license on this new server ? (I don’t know if I’m very clear…)

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Licenses (even demo licenses) are tight to the endpoint not to the Universal Management Suite. This even apply even if you reset the device to factory defaults. Does that help?

So, I need to ask a new demo license if I understand?

No, no. if it has one, it will keep it. ☺️

Ok, So, how can I to import my TC with this license?

Because I have an error for the moment when I scan the TC connected:

However, I have installed the license:

Where is my mistake?

(aka how to add my TC into the area “Hardware”)

Please reset the device to factory defaults ☺️

@member Thanks for your answer but… To reset to factory defaults, the video shows we have to do actions in local on the TC, right? My problem is that I have not the TC near me. I can just do actions since the UMS console by taking control from a distance.

Go to 01:50 there, I show the Universal Management Suite side. Please do it on the old Universal Management Suite server where the device was initially registered with.

It’s work!!! Thank you very much Sebastien! 🙂

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