How to move IGEL OS devices from one UMS to another?

Anyone attempted to split their UMS? I am needing to take half of my devices in UMS, and put them into a different UMS server for a subsidiary. Can I just export those settings for those devices, and then upload into the new? I would want to take everything related to these devices, rules, profiles, etc.

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Are you using the embedded DB or an external one? Basically you could copy the UMS Db, reinstall a new UMS, and connects it to the new DB. On the internal embedded one, it‘s slightly easier: make a complete Backup in UMS Administrator (rmadmin.exe) and restore it on the new one.

We just switched over to a external SQL database this week. I also dont want all of the devices that are staying with company A that it’s own OU in our structure, just everything that is in another OU.

Atm. you can export the Profiles and reimport it somewhere else. The devices(incl. directory assignment) can be exported when using a View and then reimported into the other via System, Import, Import Devices.

But before adding some thoughts, what is the exact use case you are trying to cover?

Sebastien, we have split part of our company and it will have its own UMS server on its own domain. I need to keep one OU that is on domain a, on UMS server A. I need to move one OU that is on domain B, to UMS Server B including the license paks that go with these machines.

Hi Sloan, how far are you in splitting up the UMS?

Any issues you ran into?

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