How to move the IGEL UMS to a different/new server?

Is it possible to move the UMS to a different/new server?

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Sure! Is this document covering your needs?

Hello, is it possible to update the link? For my needs, the server will change of IP address and the DNS Igelrmserver or the DHCP option are not used.

Hello Gerald, sure! Here we go:

Thank you. It’s clear for the UMS and the database. But how the devices will be “informed” of the new server IP address?

If you have Autoregistration enabled, you only have to change the DNS alias or DHCP 224 igelrmserver to point to the new server.

and if it’s not enabled (my case)?

How many devices are affected?

about 150 devices in my countries

Then… I would go for

in old UMS, and register them step by step to the new one by searching and registering manually:

Thank, could you confirm that I can run both UMS in parallel to move each TC one by one?

Even if it isn‘t the smartest way, yes!

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