How to obtain performance information on a IGEL OS device?

How can a person obtain performance information on a IGEL OS device?

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That’s a very broad question. What exactly are you looking for @member?

@member — IGEL has integration with the top companies for end to end user performance / experience — Such as Lakeside SysTrack, ControlUp, Goliath, Liquidware.

I’m was wondering if the IGEL OS has any program or utility so when it is executed you could determine the amount of original RAM, storage, CPU and the current usage at the time of executing this program (like Task Manager but simpler). We have Goliath, but I don’t see this program providing the performance information at the IGEL end-point.

I’m trying to determine if the IGEL OS device resources (like RAM, CPU, NIC and disk space,) isn’t overloaded during the Citrix session and the audio & video being processed on the IGEL OS device.

@member — Maybe you can ask this question on how to best pull this with #tp-goliath-technologies ?

Thanks for the suggestion 🙂 I did ask the question into the Goliath channel.

You can use the top and free commands to look at what is running and the CPU / RAM utilization

I found what I wanted, but creating a Profile with the “Task Manager” Setup> Accessories > Task Manager. I can set it up to execute automatically or when I click on the icon.

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