How to Open Firewall Ports Required by IGEL UMS

You are required to configure your firewalls, including the Windows Firewall and AWS Security Group, to allow the UMS to communicate with the IGEL OS.

By default, the Windows firewall is configured with the following basic rules:

  • Inbound Connections that do not match a rule are blocked.
  • Outbound connections that do not match a rule are allowed.

The Windows firewall is configured to allow all outgoing connections. Hence, you are not required to create any outbound rules. However, inbound connections are blocked. These rules are needed to be created for the desired network ports.

Usually, the UMS installer should do this for the UMS Windows Server, but it is highly recommended you verify the required ports are open.

The following ports are required for proper network communications. The defined ports and protocols must have the ability to communicate from the client to the server.

ServicePortTypeUsageChangeable in


Server /

High Availability



TCP/UDPCommunication between the UMS server and thin client (30001).

If server and load balancer are running together on one system,

the server switches to port 30002, and load balancer uses port 30001.

UMS Agent on TC30005TCP/UDPThe UMS component on the thin client (UMS Agent) is waiting

for UMS server input on this port.

GUI Server8443TCPCommunication between GUI server and UMS console and file transfer with https.Yes
IGEL Management Interface (IMI)8443TCPREST API for UMS (subscription required)Yes
The above table only lists the ports required open for a basic deployment. For a complete list of IGEL ports, please refer to the following support article

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