How to open multiple sessions of firefox on IGEL OS 10.05.500?

I am unable to open multiple sessions of firefox on 10.05.500

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Ok, then let’s try a different approach:

Try creating custom applications instead of multiple firefox sessions.

Create a firefox session

Create Custom Application sessions where the calling command is either ‘firefox URL’ or ‘/config/sessions/browser0 URL’

Set the icon to Firefox

that will work but will not be able to customize my url or put it in kiosk mode

Can you describe then what you are trying to achieve with a few Screenshots maybe?

Any chance to update the endpoint to a newer Firmware like: 10.06.190?

I would like browser to be in full kiosk mode and be able to open more than one browser at a time.

Ok, I might get you wrong then. Full Kiosk means on my side: one single page and no chance to break out. So you would like to get but having multiple windows. right?

Can you please share your setttings?

ahh okay i see. Then i would like Browser lock down. no address bar, no menu/tools bar, and being able to open multiple windows.

Any other suggestions?

Please check the profile attached: should look like this: s. screenshots. tested on 10.06.190

Thank you will give this a shot

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