How to open PDF documents in the firefox browser on IGEL OS?

Hi guys, why is it not possible to open pdf documents in the firefox browser? Are there any requirements? I use latest firmware OS 11.05.120.

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Hi eric, works on my side, same firmware:

Could you try with a profile for browser without any restrictions?

Did you disabled some Features under System, Firmware Customization, Features?

Yes, I did disable a lot of features to be honest.

I found the responsable missing feature –> “Printing (Internet Printing Protocol CUPS)”. Are there any best practice or detailed information what all of these features are doing? I thought to disable all of them which are not necessary to reduce the overhead, image transfer size and increase security.

The only side Effect Feature I would be aware of, is Cups/Browser PDF, honestly.

What about Fluendo GStreamer, Media Player, Nvidia graphics driver, vnc viewer, hardware video acceleration, extra font package, Igel Multi Display 3 Display? Any details what they doing?

In short:

Fluendo: Mutimedia Codec for Multimedia locally and Remote. Should be on

Media play: Gnome Video Player a bit like VLC, can stay off

Nvidia Driver: GPU Driver for local Nvidia cards, Should be on

VNC Viewer: a VNC client to connect to a remote VNC server like RDP. Can be off

HW Acceleration: goes hand in hand with fluendo: both should stay on

Extra font package: can be off if you don#t want to use

UMD: Can be off, it’s an old product.

Thanks Sebastien. I will try what happened.

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