How to open ports on IGEL OS?

By default, will IGEL Thin Client block any ports or do we need to configure something on the Thin Client in order to get a port start listening ? I have TeamViewer running and needs 5938 but I can’t see it is listening and also probeport showing connection refused.

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Based on firewall testing, it just make me think should there be a config file that I need to modify in order for IGEL OS to include some port in LISTEN mode ?

We have iptables installed on our OS but it isn‘t blocking neither activating a config. I mean the only Ideas I would have, is to check if there is a newer CP / Teamviewer version and maybe check if the switch from UDP to TCP in the advanced settings helps.

I think it is not a problem with the firewall – even if a port is blocked using iptables a program should still be shown as listening on the port – but iptables does block the ip packets so they cannot reach the listening process. Did you test with ps if Teamviewer was still running?

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