How to open RDP screens on fixed monitor on IGEL OS?

Does anyone know how to open RDP screens on fixed monitor? We have RDP opening a session on dual monitors (monitor A and B). If monitor B is powered off, the screen being displayed on monitor B switches to monitor A. We need each screen to stay in its respective monitor even if a monitor is powered off. In Windows, we can modify the RDP file setting “winposstr” and it’ll work, but don’t know how to do this on IGEL.

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If it is using a digital (DisplayPort, DVI, HDMI, etc.) connector this won’t be possible. If the monitor is turned off the OS detects that it is no longer there and tears down that screen completely, which moves all applications to the remaining screens.

When it comes back, you should be able to move the application back, or reboot the device to get the RDP session to re-open on the second monitor.

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