How to pass the hostname of the device to a Firefox session on IGEL OS?

I am attempting to have a profile that will auto launch a Firefox session to a specific site. That part seems to be working correct, how I also need the Firefox session to be able to pass along the hostname of the device. Is that even possible?

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Hello @member when you say you need Firefox to pass along the hostname of the device, what do you mean? Are you trying to get a specific website to pick up the name of the endpoint, or are you trying to pass the information to a Citrix/Horizon session?

The name of the endpoint. Trying to do this solely on the IGEL, not within a VDI.

Hey Sloan, would you mind describing exactly what you are trying to accomplish. I still don’t think I understand.

Are you working with a specific website/web application that I could navigate to on the public web? Normally it would be up to the web app to query for the endpoint name via a browser API.

If you want to submit your hostname in a query part of an URL you could use a custom app with the command line:

firefox some-server.local/over/there?name-is=“$(hostname)”

Its a billing app that we are using, unfortunately its all internal, but the hostname is needed to determine what information is shown to the end user. Previously we had these on kiosked Win7 devices that had AD accountsstatic IP’s, etc.

Jo, I will test that out and see if it pulls the right information. Thanks.

The command line I gave was just a wild example how to incorporate the hostname somehow. You really need to find out in detail how it should work.

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