How to prevent IGEL OS screen from sleeping between time period and wake up again next day?

i have requirement screen shouldn’t timeout in working hours between 7 -6pm and then go for sleep and wakeup screen again on next day. as we already have screensaver settings set, i would think of remove the timeout settings, apply suspend job and wakeup job accordingly. do you suggest any better option for this requirement.

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For the moment (even if we already asked) there is no real support for: “do action bla if local time of endpoint is ..”.

For the moment, I would see a workaround in having a combination of:

systemd-timers (a local scheduled task, so to say)

if time is 6-7am: do action a (disable Screensaver/Suspend), oustide action b (activate Screensaver / Suspend)

@member cant see custom command in firmware customization, will it compatible for igel 11 ver?

if i create new profile with below settings, would it remove screensaver settings applied in Base-global profile.?

here is the custom command part:

if you assign it nearer to the device, then it should overwrite it yes.

how to verify that applied profile settings took effect PC or any conflicts arise in from global profile in hierararchy?

Reight click the device in UMS, Edit configuration, go to the setting, hover with your mouse:

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