How to prevent users from formating UD Pockets when connected to Windows?

Hello, been lurking over the weekend but 1st time poster, please excuse my ignorance… Also I’m a Linux noob… my apologies

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We’ve got Work from Home agents using the UD Pockets in a call center setup. We’ve often had issues where the agent will leave their UD Pocket USB plugged in when they use their PC for their own personal use… Windows is helpful and notices the unrecognized partition and asks them if they want to format it… the agents just clicks yes and boom… suddenly is unable to work their next shift because it can’t boot anymore…..

Is there an easy way to fix this? I’ve successfully imaged a working USB onto a non-working one, but am certain that there are potential licensing issues with that (even with the new licensing model where the license is on the server rather than the USB itself)

I know this isn’t the feature request thread but as an aside, could we get some kind of USB imaging tool which would verify that the USB is in fact a IGEL UDPocket (USB Serialization check) then maybe it downloads the image either straight from IGEL or possibly does a full image from our IGEL Gateway?

Also as an aside…. I wonder if there’s a way that the Grub bootloader could be configured to check its available partitions for problems like this and ‘self heal’ with a download as well?

Hey Wayne, the newest version of the UD Pockets should have this fixed by adding an additional Windows readable partition to the stick, so windows will stop asking to format the drive

And if yo have a problem with the license, just reach out to our service department with the unit ID to get a working license again

@member just as a matter of interest, how are you handling telephony for your at home users?

I feel like the appropriate reply is ‘with bailing wire and duct tape ‘ or ‘poorly ‘….. our main problem is audio quality. That’s not to say that it doesn’t work…. just that 90% of our tickets come down to ‘audio issues ‘

We run an avaya system and the VMs run avaya one-x agent. VMware horizon connects audio to the agent at home…. this works… alright… or at least better than you’d think

Our main issues are that we need more robust infrastructure between our vendor-hosted VMs and our equipment… right now all of our audio traffic is mostly unmanaged over a vpn, no mpls.

And that’s great to hear Christian! Up until we get that implemented, our only recourse has been snail mailing a replacement usb…. which is fine until they make the same mistake….

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